Arena Plus: Lakers’ Trade Targets Include Dorian Finney-Smith


The Los Angeles Lakers are exploring potential trade targets to strengthen their roster for the upcoming NBA season. Among the top names on their list is Dorian Finney-Smith. With a focus on improving their defense and shooting, the Lakers are seriously considering the versatile forward from the Dallas Mavericks. His potential acquisition could address several areas of concern for the team, making him a prime candidate for a mid-season trade.

Why Dorian Finney-Smith?

  • Defensive Prowess: Known for his defensive capabilities, Finney-Smith brings a level of tough on-ball defense that the Lakers could benefit from. Last season, he averaged 1.1 steals per game and consistently guarded the opposing team’s best players.
  • Shooting Accuracy: Finney-Smith also contributes on the offensive end, particularly from beyond the arc. He shot approximately 39% from three-point range last season, providing the spacing the Lakers need.
  • Versatility: His ability to play multiple positions makes him a valuable asset. He can fill in at both forward spots and even slide into the guard position when necessary.

Potential Trade Scenarios

The Lakers have several assets they could use to facilitate a trade. These include draft picks, young players, and even some veteran contracts that may interest the Mavericks. Here are a few potential trade assets:

  • Kendrick Nunn: With an average of 9.3 points per game and 3.3 assists last season, Nunn’s scoring ability off the bench could appeal to Dallas.
  • Draft Picks: Future first and second-round picks could be attractive for a team looking to build for the future.
  • Talen Horton-Tucker: Horton-Tucker’s youth and potential make him an intriguing piece. He averaged 10.4 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.8 assists last season.

Impact on Lakers’ Roster

Acquiring Dorian Finney-Smith could significantly bolster the Lakers’ lineup. His addition would allow more flexibility in rotations and could provide the much-needed backup for stars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Here’s a look at how he might fit into the team:

  • Enhanced Defense: His arrival would immediately improve the Lakers’ defensive schemes, allowing them to match up better against teams with strong wing players.
  • Increased Spacing: His shooting prowess would help create more room for the Lakers’ primary ball handlers to operate efficiently.
  • Depth: Finney-Smith’s presence would deepen the bench, providing high-quality minutes whether as a starter or a key rotational player.

As the trade deadline approaches, the Lakers will closely monitor various options to enhance their playoff aspirations. The potential acquisition of Finney-Smith stands out as a strategic move that could address key areas of concern. For more updates on this scenario and other trade rumors, you can visit arena plus.


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